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With WC memory Cloud Foam
We Bring Out Your Best


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It’s a Habit

A Health and Fitness platform that captures data from a wide range of devices and a collection of Vandeu Wearables.
The data is analysed to give personalised and automated health feedback.
Experience the World Class Quality.

Get Actual Results

Since day one, Vandeu has been committed to designing shoes fit for you with all day comfort you demand. Our Patented WC MEMORY CLOUD Technology takes your anywhere and everywhere you need to be with our legendary comfort and support you can feel.


We have your back, on every step of your way!

Sleep Better

Understand your current sleep habits and wake up to a new fit start

Eat Smart

Assess your calorie intake that supports your exercise routines

Get Fit

Get motivated to achieve the required fitness levels

Build your Own Transformation story

Run with an elavated you. If you know what you are capable for,it shouldn't bother you what other people think
or their opinion on that situation. You are capable to cross the mountains,
break the rocks. Be the finisher not a starter.

Choose your Products

Play like a pro with peculiarly designed Vanlite, elevate yourself up high until the space and uplift yourself with Vandeu

Choose your Goals

Be it weight specific or training specific goals...
Vandeu Shoes can help you lose , gain or maintain weight. And can also help you improve your fitness levels, speed and
endurance, via its advanced technology

A combination of Quality
Plus Comfort

Feel featherweight with the splendid innovation WC MEMORY CLOUD in this dense industry of fashion and lifestyle where all big giants try to manipulate the customer through misguiding facts. Remarkably designed and developed footbeds made from Polyurethane.

Technology that works

Memory cloud Imparts the ability to alter shape with respect to the pressure supplied onto the footbed and retrieving its initial shape structure succeding the force being eliminated.

It's all about How We Think!

The way you think is the driving force that fashions your world thereby governing the kind of life that you live. You don't need coffee or an energy drink to get you moving, to pursue your aspirations.

Be your own Driving Force

Vandeu ensures that your body is ready to change towards the advancement. Ensuring a balance between mind, body and soul, approaching to upsliftment.

Designed For all Day Comfort

Your Fitness Companion

Enjoy Live Audio during workouts
Our inbuilt personal trainer will ensure you don’t fall before the finish line.

Guides you through workouts and gives live instructions on how to perform them.

Smart ‘In the moment’ guidance to ensure you are training at the right intensity.

Gives expert advice on the correct form and running posture.

Caution you on over burn and form to limit injuries and strain.


Interactive, Fun and Easy

Say goodbye to monotony and choose from hundreds of pre-installed workouts,
millions of meal combinations and training plans.

Crunches your health and sleep data to give you meaningful, actionable insights.

Strong Posture Says, "THE GUNS GOES . I AM THE BULLET."

Train Smarter. Smash Your Goals. With Vandeu Smart Shoes

Tech at Vandeu tranquilizes the daily dose of cheer to keep running off your boundaries.

After years of development and labor Vandeu grew with time and extended its roots with amplified technologies to impart apex products in the section of sportswear array and motivates you to make smart choices throughout the day.

How It All Works


WC MEMORY CLOUD TECH enduring responsive cushioning and exacting foot positions for distinctive sporting features.

Featherlight Sole

Memory cloud Imparts the ability to alter shape with respect to the pressure supplied onto the footbed and retrieving its initial shape structure succeding the force being eliminated.

Millions of Workout Plans

Basis the inference, it provides feedback in the form of Workouts and text coaching through all day activity.